Wednesday, July 1, 2015

1st July

Yes it happened I totally missed June!!!!      It was in my mind - must update the blog - must update the blog -  but just was so busy getting the orders out - it did not make it to the top of the list.   But offshoot of that is there should be heaps more pics to share.  We are enjoying a Queensland winter at the moment - not to cold at all - lovely sunny days - school holidays - sleeping in - bliss bliss.   With the sewing machine calling me -  as it tends to.  Hope you are all enjoying your day whatever you have planned.

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Loving the Sis Boom Fabrics  with another NEW line coming in October.  Can never get enough of JP.

My Etsy Store has most of my Custom Order styles listed - message me with any enquiries. I really do make whatever you want.

Thanks for flicking through soooo  many pics.

Looking forward to hearing from you ladies.

Best wishes

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


And just before April comes to an end!!    Thanking you all for your support always,  in everyway you make this journey fun.  We all love to see the action pics, orders and new happening here at Butterflybees.  Thanks for the share and recommendations.  Now a few of the last months work.

mmmm  think I have been sewing a bit this last month.  Family getting some birthday gifts in here as well.   They are a  bit shy on the 'action pics'  -  I will have to work on them  .  

Best wishes always


~Custom Orders Welcome ~ always.  :)