Saturday, July 12, 2014

Brrrrr it's got cold here in Aust.

July..............freezing cold even in Qld.

Custom Order -  Amy Butler fabrics, Sis Boom pattern

Amy Butler fabrics - Sis Boom pattern

Sis Boom - Beauty Queen fabrics - Bobkin pattern

Spotlight fabric - Sis Boom pattern
A little bit of ME sewing for a change.

Flower Sugar fabrics - Lizard King Pattern

Glitz - Michael Miller fabrics - Create Kids Couture pattern

Love you to join me here!!!

Tanya Whelan fabrics - Barefoot Roses

Oh my a gorgeous Action Pic.
Tanya Whelan - Sunshine Rose fabrics.

Sis Boom fabrics - Beauty Queen

Glitz fabrics -  and WOW I love the scenery in this pic  South Australia gorgeous days.
Beautiful little country girl.

Sis Boom fabrics - CIRCA -  cutie pie layering for winter.

And I thought this last month had been quite!

Please show your friends my stuff - recommendations appreciated always.

Enjoy your month

Best wishes

Denise  xx

Friday, June 13, 2014

Lemon ~ Pink ~ Blue

What a lovely combo of colours with Jennifer Paganelli's NEW fabric line  Beauty Queen.

All Seasons pattern by Fresh Designs and I am pretty happy with this one.  

Great to wear alone or layer for winter.

~  Available Now  ~


Best wishes


Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Hello I don't deserve to have a blog,  its been 4 weeks.  As I have said many times on here I don't wish to read others prattle about their cats, dogs I guess that is why I can't blog like that.  I just want to share my sewing in pics.  This last few weeks I have been drooling over the NEW Beauty Queen Fabrics that have come in here,  playing with the All Seasons Dress pattern by Fresh Designs, working on a huge custom order for lovely customer Alison - jackets, twirler dresses,  glitz, snuggly fabrics and its been buzzing.

And as you can see its been a busy month.  

As well I do get some spare time with our growing , cheeky grandchild Harrison - and I think I can blog about him - just a little.  Born 21 Jan he is just so lovely and makes us smile sooo much. 
 We love him to bits xxxx

Best wishes always


ps.  if you see something you like share it with a friend.  please.  xx

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday mmmm

Sunday only means one thing tomorrow is M O N DAY again!!!

Nearly two weeks ago I posted about the beautiful weather ...............well this has changed today and I am miffed, for many reasons , I don't like the cold and when you see some of my pics from the last few days you will see that I really do need great lighting for my photos.  The last ones a fortnight ago were pretty good!   Well for me they were   hahaha.

So to bring you up on what has gone by here   ........... lots of custom orders have gone out,  and some time to just free - sew .............and lucky for me the things I made were mostly snapped up by by beautiful following.  Your girls are amazing and I love that you support me and share me with friends.   xxx

Oh my.................  there were a few pics to share.  That last one is soooooo special  love love.

Thank you all.

Best wishes


Friday, April 18, 2014

Brilliant Sunshine weather

As with the weather - loads of Sunshine here as well.

Loads of {CUSTOM ORDERS} going out and/or gone out to lovely customers over the last week or so.

                                           This sweetie was giving this Twist Shift the all ok.

And we were just so pleased to see this happy face,  I am soooo looking forward to making your next three dresses real soon.

Hope you will enjoy your Easter Break - safe travelling.

Best wishes


Thursday, April 10, 2014

School Holidays

Yeah for me  ..........more time to sew!!!

This week has been so great with time to pull out the patterns I have wanted to make for so long.  Bonus ladies love them.

{Gypsy Shrugs}  as the weather cools down to keep bare shoulders covered, brighten a tee or skivvy for winter - versatile.  Check my store there may still be one there.  :)

{Twist Shift}  This dress has lots of fun features to make it fabulous for casual get togethers.  It has welt pockets for collecting teasures, a contrast panel of #Jennifer Paganelli fabrics, it is reversible which is a real plus if you have a little one who spills or who likes to change their outfit to suit their  mood!

- check my store - maybe one left.

Best wishes always.
Love to have you leave a comment or contact me about any items.