Sunday, October 19, 2014

OOOOO it's October

Just when you think things are slowing down,  in they rush ---- orders.   Making me happy.

And making a start on some Christmas things as well.

These are some of the past months work,  I mostly do Custom Orders,  a couple of random items that I really want to do and  occasional specials.  My best contact is email  , I love to get feedback and really really love to see 'action pics'  of our Butterflybees, so please do let me know when your parcels arrive and take a minute to snap them out and about.

Thanks for you continued support as we weave our way around the handmade world.

Best wishes

Check my facebook page -  details of this one in a Showcase early in November.

                   Also appearing in a showcase this week - check my facebook for details.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

September ..........

Another month gone by ,  and still keeping me busy.  Thanks so much girls, your continued support is fantastic,  repeat customers, new referrals.  Making me smile.

Its been a mixture of ladies, babies, toddlers,  showcase and a bag that I love and happy to make for you.

{Custom Orders Welcome}  email

Best wishes always

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Orders are warming up in here.......ladies dresses,  ruffle sunsuits, jumpsuits and some freetime sewing, touch of crochet for the grandson and August is flying by.  :)

Thank you for taking some time to check out my blog,  just pics of my creations - mainly CUSTOMS {CUSTOM ORDERS - Welcome ALWAYS}

Sometimes........they make to to the Store.....

And sometimes I do things for my grandson....... Harrison

Best wishes to you all.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Getting through the cold......

Not so bad today ....but we have had some windy cold weather!!!   Not that I notice tucked away in my cosy warm sewing room.  :)  Warmest room in my house.

And while it is cold - why would I be sewing Ruffle Sunsuits!!!   Because I have this new pattern and I am loving it,  and my customers are toooo.  Buying up as soon as they are done.  Thanks girls for you continued support and also thanks for sharing my work - several NEW customers have joined in now , thanks for the recommendations.

Delivery of NEW fabrics today........hard to guess what I would be getting in.    
'Jenny Eliza'   from  Jennifer Paganelli  - lovely lady from USA organised for us Aust girls to get our hands on some.  Limited amount so I am ever so happy about that.

This Twirler was made earlier this year -   just received some 'action pics'.

 I have been putting these together as I go -  I need to come up with a suitable name for them  -  I usually grab some fabrics and piece them as I go - they make me happy to be just sewing and not following on from a pattern -  so maybe  The Happy Dress  !!

This Custom Order took me back to the Adele Dress -  love this pattern.

NEW pattern from Sis Boom - gorgeous Rosewater fabrics - I have been protecting!!

And then the Ruffle Sunsuits began -  have a feeling these will be popular.

Thanks for taking a look at my work.

Enjoy your weekend.

Best wishes


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Brrrrr it's got cold here in Aust.

July..............freezing cold even in Qld.

Custom Order -  Amy Butler fabrics, Sis Boom pattern

Amy Butler fabrics - Sis Boom pattern

Sis Boom - Beauty Queen fabrics - Bobkin pattern

Spotlight fabric - Sis Boom pattern
A little bit of ME sewing for a change.

Flower Sugar fabrics - Lizard King Pattern

Glitz - Michael Miller fabrics - Create Kids Couture pattern

Love you to join me here!!!

Tanya Whelan fabrics - Barefoot Roses

Oh my a gorgeous Action Pic.
Tanya Whelan - Sunshine Rose fabrics.

Sis Boom fabrics - Beauty Queen

Glitz fabrics -  and WOW I love the scenery in this pic  South Australia gorgeous days.
Beautiful little country girl.

Sis Boom fabrics - CIRCA -  cutie pie layering for winter.

And I thought this last month had been quite!

Please show your friends my stuff - recommendations appreciated always.

Enjoy your month

Best wishes

Denise  xx