Thursday, February 7, 2019

Two years between Posts!!!!

Two years between Posts!!!     So that really makes me the worst everrrr blogger right.

But I just had a thought check if its even still there and yes you are, and how nice to see some of the #butterflybeesactionpics of  my loyal customers and wow how you have grown since those days.

So the fastest thing I can do as a 'non-blogger'  is update with some new pics.   That's my best effort.

By all means if you are still keen for more,  join me over at facebook or Instagram.   Drop me a message if you do see this post,  that will really make my day and give me a laugh.

So these are just a few pics  from Summer,  rashies, rompers and skater dresses.

I still do Custom Orders,   in whatever you want and which ever fabric you request.  I have my Etsy store open for Inspiration, as well a Ready Made Section, which is going well this year.

Please pop by and check my various sites out   Facebook, Instagram and Etsy.




Best wishes always.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Blogging ....not my thing hey.

No surprise .......bloggging is not me - last post April.  :)

As the year comes to a end and we head off for some holidays with family,  I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas , happy holidays and best wishes for a great 2017.

Butterflybees customers have kept me hopping again this year,  thanks for the support ladies. Looking forward to kicking off again end of January after a bit of a rest.

Meanwhile a few pics here from this year and a couple of links to some of my favourite fabric designers.

I have randomly selected pics from my albums,  of course they are in no sensible order and if you have not been included it certainly is not intentional , my photos are chaotic and are in no common sense of order.

Tucked away in the pics are my three grandkids,  love you all so much.   xxx

And a few links here to my favourite fabric designers and suppiers , not all  just a few.

Jennifer Paganelli

Amy Butler

Tanya Whelan

Hawthorne Threads

Boo Designs

That should give you all a few pretty places to check out over the holidays.

Bests wishes to you all  xxxxxx

See you again in 2017

Denise - Butterflybees