Thursday, October 15, 2015

August to September

When did this become a two monthly blog!!!!   OOps.

Great place to share and update.  I am getting into Lycra/Spandex - it's been a bit exciting to see how they pan out.  Boo Pins, Ladylegs, Skater dresses and Rashies.   Purchasing the Spandex from a Queenslander is working out so well, seem to have a monthly release of NEW prints which are so damn cute and to date ladies have been snapping up Custom Order Spots.

And then I have a few Knit Dresses on the go as well.   Not lots yet,  but I think once you all see these out and about they will get moving, soft knits easy wear , no ironing!!!  Thats gotta be a bonus.

Even a couple of boys knits for Tees.

Some ladies are already planning for Christmas and we have the Red Haven out and about already.

And in between the new stuff ,  Custom Spots still fill in and go out, and I am always so appreciative of your support.   You keep me hopping.  (sewing)

And later this month Sis Boom will be releasing her NEW line Nostalgia and most of you know how I love her designs.  Check the link here  to view the gorgeous fabrics.   Nostalgia

Ok  , so that is lots and lots and I am sure I have missed a few great outfits and pics,  but the machine is calling.    Please check Butterflybees on facebook and instagram ,  you will  get the drift of what I can do.


Best wishes

Denise   xx

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

1st July

Yes it happened I totally missed June!!!!      It was in my mind - must update the blog - must update the blog -  but just was so busy getting the orders out - it did not make it to the top of the list.   But offshoot of that is there should be heaps more pics to share.  We are enjoying a Queensland winter at the moment - not to cold at all - lovely sunny days - school holidays - sleeping in - bliss bliss.   With the sewing machine calling me -  as it tends to.  Hope you are all enjoying your day whatever you have planned.

Please remember to find me :   Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | Google | Etsy | Madeit   and for those really keen I have a CIRCLE for my customers on Facebook !!

Loving the Sis Boom Fabrics  with another NEW line coming in October.  Can never get enough of JP.

My Etsy Store has most of my Custom Order styles listed - message me with any enquiries. I really do make whatever you want.

Thanks for flicking through soooo  many pics.

Looking forward to hearing from you ladies.

Best wishes