Sunday, April 29, 2012


Morning all to Sunday - are you thinking about your week just gone or maybe the week ahead. Or like me -  how come these things happen.

This is a gorgeous photo of keys - but who is like me and hates 'keys' ?

For the last 4 months I have been searching high and low for some important type keys, had to have some items replaced because we couldn't find the 'keys'.

 Well last night putting stuff away that was hanging around and right under my nose 'almost' hanging on the back of the sewing room door a bag I NEVER use, (well only once it seems)   behind another bag, as you do.

  I kept the bag out as I AM going to trace a pattern from it, it's only been there 4 months -  not even my bag.         

Cling cling what's in here, there they are!!!!  

 Feel like such a dill. So yes I hate keys.

Have a great day - don't lose anything.


Friday, April 27, 2012

Custom Order - Emeilia

Made lots from this pattern last year, but they were all different......... wonder how many this year!!!

Have I told you I love CUSTOM ORDERS -  you pick the style, fabrics and yes it is all yours  OOAK.
And I love making something different , don't think I could mass produce the same thing over and over.  Not me.

Best Wishes


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Market Night - Baby Bloomers

These have been on and off the table for a little while, finally finished and listed at Madeit for tonights Market Night.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oh So Retro

Maybe I mentioned this a little while ago  or shared the before photo of the fabrics.  Well it has all come
 together for the Shop Contemporary Handmade Oh So Retro Showcase starting 30 April.


Monday, April 23, 2012

Show Prize

Oooo bit excited to win 2nd with my entry at the local show.  This order for Moon was just at the right time and so - why not enter , and a lovely surprise bringing home 2nd ( 1st prize was a tailered adult size blazer and skirt).

Miss Goodie Two Shoes Birthday Celebrations Showcase ends Tuesday evening 6pm wst - I have this Cushion over there along with many other gorgeous items from talented crafters.

Enjoy your evening.


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Are you kidding me!!!

Deborah from dkshopgirl has nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award (are you kidding me I say) even so I am thrilled and really appreciate this Deborah.  And so in 'accepting' this award ( lol)  I have to nominate 5 of 'my' favourite blogs.

There are a few rules that come with the award...

*Copy and paste the award onto your blog

*Link back to the blogger who gave you the award

*Choose your 5 favourite bloggers with under 200 followers (who you think deserve to be recognized) and leave a comment on their blog letting them know they've won the award.

And lastly, hope the 5 chosen bloggers will continue to share the blog award love ... xxx

Ankbowtique  Two mothers who have three girls between them.  Started AnK Bowtique because they could not find accessories for their little girls. Their hobby is conducted from their homes around the normal motherly duties and teaching their children through Distance Education and living in rural QLD on cattle properties.

I love these ladies style and that they can do this from a remote location.

Shop Contemporary Handmade    A central place for Aussie shoppers who love handmade to connect with handmade businesses in a meaningful way.

Love their style and appreciate their help to others.

Tara is new to blogging at Straight from the Hart gorgeous family  and  is doing a great job - getting the message out about gluten free, and raising her family.

Tania from Chickens Ink is one busy lady and  loves creating.   Chicken Ink. was launched in July   2009 and was one of the first Aussie craft businesses (hobbyist) on Facebook.

Tractor Girl  When I saw this name I thought I HAVE to see this one.  And pleased to say I love her creations, stylish designer of homewares and accessories.  I can relate to 'tractorgirl'.

And so now girls this has taken little ole me some time to bring together ........ I hope you can pop over to these girls blogs and enjoy them as much as I do.  Maybe you will join and follow them along in their journeys.     They are all humble and all doing their own thing.  Enjoy and thanks for your time.

Thanks Deborah (I think).


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Storyboard Surprise!!!

Thanks Donna for this fantastic surprise a " Storyboard " - I am so going to get moving and get some dresses ready for you to photograph

Already checking out more new fabrics!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Action photo - WOW

I love to receive 'action' photos of Butterflybees out and about,  and this is just a stunning photo taken by A Moment of Magic Photography. How beautiful is this little girl out in the beautiful gardens in a Groovy Green  'Butterflybees' dress.

This is a little ooooo today........... as I have been digging around in my fabric scraps to make a Showcase item  - RETRO  (mentioned earlier today) and  pulled out the last small bits of green ..........and now tonight here the dress turns up.  Green and calling out to us today!!!

Enjoy this photo - I do wish Donna was in Qld with  her lovely model to photograph all of my dresses.


Well these Showcase's are coming in thick at the moment - so much fun  creating,  this next one at the end of month is RETRO  -  so shifting through my fabrics and have come up with these two -  bit out there -  but what the heck.  I have some trim on the way to add to the C O L O U R  and can't wait to get 'groovin' on this one lol.   My kids will freak at this!!!

Have a great afternoon.


PS   thanks to you all 2900 visits here to date - and that's groovy!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Risk of looking stupid!

Even so I have to share this great tip -  have you struggled at times with thin loops, straps etc  turning it in can be  frustrating.   So here is the answer - just tried it and as described it's a breeze.

Have a great day

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Something different today

Inspiration from  cushions made for my kids a loooong time ago.  But this one will appear at Miss Goodie Two Shoes 1st Birthday Celebration  -  a "Tea Party"   well......its a Mad Hatters Tea party  -    later this month.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sharing 'action photos'

Just received a full 'action' photo today - beautiful Miss in her Carnival Bloom Dress taken by her photographer mother (oh how I envy a great photographer).  And as promised in my newsletter this morning FREE hair ties for you.

Big thanks

Showcase Entries

This week we finalize our entries for Jeni at Handmade Love.  Jeni is doing a fantastic job of compiling and organising this great collaboration of crafters to Showcase our creations all on her page commencing 27th April. You will be able to comment and enter in the ballots to purchase the beautiful items.  Full details on Jeni's page in the coming weeks.   and also

Meanwhile my entries are featured here in my blog header.   I would love to receive your feedback on these, your comments are greatly appreciated.

Best Wishes


NEWS out now

Subscribers welcome.

Have a great day.


Saturday, April 7, 2012


Yes sometimes my 'fabric stash'  gets out of control!!   (only sometimes)  well that is about now.   To help out with this problem I have opened a Craftumi  shop.   Then........ when it is back in control and I have some more space,   I can S - H - O - P .

Tea Cakes VM 37 Rosehips - by butterflybees on Craftumi

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sensational Six

So excited to be featured in the Handmade Co-operative Sensational Six with this LAST Easter Top.

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter.
Safe travelling.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Thanks Donna for sharing this lovely photo of your gorgeous girl in her Butterflybees dress  and Creative Butterfly Designs hairband.  Love to see these action photos.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Forming Circles

Brittany from Pillowcases For Oncology Kids is so inspirational and I wish to nominate her to receive $1,000 in this Easter Giveaway -  but we need liking votes over at Forming Circles please pop over now and increase the likes on the nomination I have made.  Most likes wins the $$$

Also check out the video about Pillowcases For Oncology Kids.

Thanks for your support.


Monday, April 2, 2012

April Birthflower

The Daisy is actually an herb which symbolizes innocence, stability, sympathy and cheerfulness.