Sunday, May 27, 2012

Are you Seeing Me.........

Well I mean on Facebook silly.

{Keep me and others in your NEWSFEED - don't want to looose you!!!}

So, i've just created a list from all the pages I've liked since starting Facebook,   and now I can see their posts!

I encourage you to do the same, takes about 10 minutes.

Go to a post from one of the pages you follow, hover over the 'like' arrow and you will see the 'add to list' option.  This leads to a window in which you can highlight lots of other pages and then give the list a name and voila it is all done.

I am seeing so many pages on that list that I have missed.      Feels good...

Of course if you subscribe here to my blog you will also 'See Me'

Have great Sunday afternoon.


Friday, May 25, 2012

Customs flowing again....

Yeah  I have my CUSTOM orders flowing again, after a month of exciting things here.

Bec has a Scottish husband and wanted to dress her little one in a bit of 'scottish'   and so we have created this lovely little Bloomer Set  -  looking forward to hearing all about this when you see it Bec and love to see some action photos.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Meet Me In Paris

Tonight it starts at Muddy Ruffles - a little bit of Paris.  There are so many gorgeous things here, please pop over and take a look.

It has been so hectic in my household with "hen's party",  "daughter's wedding" , "son's 27th birthday"  I have so much catching up to do AND I want to get my boys range "Stingboys"  out there.   aarrrrrgh.

Please please let me know what boys items you are interested in  email   I hope to have some for the opening real soon,  lots of other orders on the table atm.   Have ordered lots of boy fabrics...................ohhhhh I hope it is what you want.!!!

Please send link to your friends to join my blog,  with FB changes happening I would hate to lose contact.  You will always be able to get info here on the blog or email, no matter what facebook does.   Also subscribe to my newsletter - hoping to get that out tooooo when the boys range is ready.

Best wishes to you all,  your support is soooo appreciated.


Monday, May 21, 2012

Wedding Bells

Our gorgeous daughter was married this last weekend,  we are all still on  cloud nine .....she was so beautiful and made us so proud.  Love you Tegan and David. xxx

Thursday, May 10, 2012

In the Coming days.......

Showcase are all so popular at the moment ,  so need to be in it, and I love the chance to create with a theme (even though sometimes the time frame is a bit short!).  Nevertheless here are two that are coming up.

Saturday 12th May with Little Peach Handmade  there is the Pirates and Petals Showcase.

This is my entry:

Something for a 'Pirate' Boy.

And then on the 24th May over at Muddy Ruffles   'Meet Me in Paris'  Showcase for their 2nd Birthday Celebration.

My entry:

And while all this is going on I am trying to get my BOYS range moving -      I have come up with a name -    'Stingbees' .  It sounded  weird  the first time I said it.....but now there is no going back I have the cards printed and it has so grown on me.  It is final.  Hope before the end of the month to have enough made to show you.

Ohhh and did I mention my lovely daughter gets married on the 19th,   and this weekend is the 'Hens' party oooohhhhhhh,    so when will I be sewing!!!  Not sure,  but it is amazing what I can squeeze in.

Best wishes


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Winter Dress

It is starting to get chilly here in Qld,  this  warm and cozy 'Winter Dress"  finished now and listed at Madeit

Winter Dress    Size 3

Listed at Madeit Store

Great start..

What a fantastic start to my day -  open my fb and feedback like this from Claire Partington

"I absolutely love the shorts that arrived in the mail today . Just the right amount of structure and snazzy pockets with faux flaps . They will be a perfect gift with some tone on tone tees . I like to include a book or music tape as well and these suit a beachy theme so well . Lovely , just lovely . I am going to have a look at your new boys fabric and order something new as i am so delighted with your creation . Cheers .

This gets me off to a great start for the day.

And very timely as I have been working on the boys clothing this weekend.  There will be a NEW fb page for the boys and a NEW name later in the month (I hope)   so at the moment I am working my way through these new fabrics teamed with denim and of course looking ahead I have ordered some others.  Please subscribe to my newsletter so that you will hear when it all opens.                                                               Newsletter link

Here is the link to my fb   fabric for boys collection:

Fabric link

Have a great day.


Friday, May 4, 2012

Another little Vest

This one has been in the wings for a couple of weeks,  finally finished and I love this fabric combo, fully lined cozy and warm  Natty Vest - Size 2     -   listed now at Madeit.

In Store Now

And if you like the style but want a different Size or Fabric that is easy, I LOVE CUSTOMS .

Fabric Choice

And while I am doing some 'Show and Tell'  here is the link to "What I Make"

So now that I have left you with some slides to watch - I can wish you a great LONG weekend .


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Big thanks

Big thanks to all who participated in the Handmade Love Showcase,  I am so happy with all the lovely comments, orders and emails I have received from being involved.  It was fantastic!!!  Big thanks to Jeni for her tremendous effort in creating a marvellous place for Handmadies to come together -  all on the one page,  Jeni you deserve a medal.

Especially as my five items all SOLD.   wooo hoo

I still have some of the fabrics left,  for CUSTOM ORDERS.

And now there is another Showcase with the Shop Contemporary  "RETRO"  which I fell into quite easily.  Only because I like colour ( not my age  mmmm).  Had fun with this one and I hope someone will love it as much as I do.

Bidding finishes Thursday 3 May 8pm.