Friday, July 25, 2014

Getting through the cold......

Not so bad today ....but we have had some windy cold weather!!!   Not that I notice tucked away in my cosy warm sewing room.  :)  Warmest room in my house.

And while it is cold - why would I be sewing Ruffle Sunsuits!!!   Because I have this new pattern and I am loving it,  and my customers are toooo.  Buying up as soon as they are done.  Thanks girls for you continued support and also thanks for sharing my work - several NEW customers have joined in now , thanks for the recommendations.

Delivery of NEW fabrics today........hard to guess what I would be getting in.    
'Jenny Eliza'   from  Jennifer Paganelli  - lovely lady from USA organised for us Aust girls to get our hands on some.  Limited amount so I am ever so happy about that.

This Twirler was made earlier this year -   just received some 'action pics'.

 I have been putting these together as I go -  I need to come up with a suitable name for them  -  I usually grab some fabrics and piece them as I go - they make me happy to be just sewing and not following on from a pattern -  so maybe  The Happy Dress  !!

This Custom Order took me back to the Adele Dress -  love this pattern.

NEW pattern from Sis Boom - gorgeous Rosewater fabrics - I have been protecting!!

And then the Ruffle Sunsuits began -  have a feeling these will be popular.

Thanks for taking a look at my work.

Enjoy your weekend.

Best wishes


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Brrrrr it's got cold here in Aust.

July..............freezing cold even in Qld.

Custom Order -  Amy Butler fabrics, Sis Boom pattern

Amy Butler fabrics - Sis Boom pattern

Sis Boom - Beauty Queen fabrics - Bobkin pattern

Spotlight fabric - Sis Boom pattern
A little bit of ME sewing for a change.

Flower Sugar fabrics - Lizard King Pattern

Glitz - Michael Miller fabrics - Create Kids Couture pattern

Love you to join me here!!!

Tanya Whelan fabrics - Barefoot Roses

Oh my a gorgeous Action Pic.
Tanya Whelan - Sunshine Rose fabrics.

Sis Boom fabrics - Beauty Queen

Glitz fabrics -  and WOW I love the scenery in this pic  South Australia gorgeous days.
Beautiful little country girl.

Sis Boom fabrics - CIRCA -  cutie pie layering for winter.

And I thought this last month had been quite!

Please show your friends my stuff - recommendations appreciated always.

Enjoy your month

Best wishes

Denise  xx