Thursday, June 30, 2011

Round Yoke Dress

Been working on this new style - what do people think about this one.

Carnival Bloom

Custom for Tamsin.

Daughter Day

It's Daughters' Week! If you have a beautiful Daughter that you
☼ love more than you can describe, copy and paste this to your ☼
status for a little while but hold her in your Heart for a Lifetime

And now 1000 .....

Yes and now if 1000 likers on FB wasn't enough Butterflybees has just clicked over 1000 hits on this blog, fantastic. I am overwhelmed by the response and wish to thank everyone of you that visits and passes the information on to friends etc.

I am just doing what I love to do so this a an absolute bonus.

By the way here is the dress I made for Tracey WINNER of the 1000 likers FB comp.

Working on a new style today, touch of Paris, little frill and bit of ribbon,  will be up late today.  Hope you can call back for a look.

Thanks Thanks and thanks.

Have a great day.

Best Wishes

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Frilly Pants - Size 4

This is the last of these for a while now,  I have some coats and a GIVEWAY BOW DRESS to make.

Action Photo - Dear G Niece

My sweeeeeet G Niece loves her Bow Dress - with the bow at the back,  which is fine, we can wear it how we like!  Thanks for the photo Em.  xx

WINNER - Trace Andreatta Congratulations.

WINNER HAS BEEN ADVISED BY EMAIL♥♥♥ WHEN I GET THEIR PERMISSION I WILL PUT UP THEIR NAME. SORRY TO THE OTHER 49 - please join my blog to get further updates and promotions. Thanks for the fantastic support.

Update on draw - FREE BOW DRESS

Count now stands at 35.   Only 15 to go,  love to get this finished this afternoon.   Send in your friends......details of Competition - scroll down.

Frilly Long Duds - Size 4

As the FREE Giveaway Competition continues with the draw at 31 now, I am hoping more of my lovely customers join in today and have a chance to WIN.  Scroll down for COMPETITION DETAILS.

Meanwhile this is what I have been working on, more Frilly Duds.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Getting closer....

29 in the draw,  we are getting there.  50 is the magic number.


♥♥░(¯`:´¯)░♥ 1000 likers
.(¯ `•...|/.•´¯) Big thank you to each of you
(_.•´/|..`•._)(¯ `•...|/.•´¯) Like,Love,Share

Fantastic thanks to everyone of my likers,  I do hope you are all sending through you emails for the competition,  please share this information with your friends.

26 in the draw to date.

Update on competition.....

Well interest is a little slow (maybe the weather has us all hibinating, lol)  23 comments a way to go yet for 50 comments,  not to worry though not to 1000 likers yet anyway.   But ever so close at 999.

Meanwhile I have been working on a couple of Frilly Pants, that should be ready soon.

1000 Liker Competition - FREE Bow Dress

Well the draw is filling in with comments, 18 on last count, so hope you and your friends can make it, details in my previous post.

998 likers on last count as well, so nearly there!!

The support I receive is fantastic and I truly look forward to the lucky winner receiving their FREE Bow Dress.


Hello to my lovely customers, followers and FB likers.
Tonight I was running a 1000 likers competition on Facebook and my page was frozen for a time,  seems my ‘giveaway’ was against their rules.   So I had to abandon the comp,  I am so disappointed and really was excited to be giving away a FREE Bow Dress .   So been thinking what the heck send out to my customers and run it from my email.  So here it goes hope you don’t mind the intrusion,  but all you need do is   -
 when I get 50 back I will do a and get a winner. 

You are welcome to invite your friends, more the merrier and the sooner we will get 50 comments.

   While you are here join my mailing list and you will be included in future mailouts and promotions.  

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Work in progress...

Just wanted to show you what I am working on - in between-  Frilly Long Duds.  What do you think?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Action photos

Some of my lovely customers have sent me their 'action' photos of their gorgeous, cute and fantastic littlies out and about.  Thanks to you all.   I just have to share these......

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Everyday Bow Coat - Size 3-4 Cyclamen

I am into the Winter sewing love to get through some of the fabrics I have in the cupboard!!!   Make room for more.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Red Coat

Well this colder weather is turning me to coats,  so here is another one and using the popular Bungalow Stripe to line and when you foldback the sleeve for a cuff it is also a trim.