Saturday, August 17, 2013

Week and a bit since.......

It has been over a week since I put some pics in here,  been playing catchup with some house duties, tax time etc etc.

So pleased to have made this lovely little Adelphi Shoulder Purse for Dani.    So sweet.

Recently was so happy to do a ladies {CUSTOM ORDER}   Trudy was very happy with her dress - I have two new fabrics come in for more ladies dresses, two styles available. 

 Patterns and photos  are from Sis Boom - link below. 

 I am happy to make as tops, knee length, 3/4 or maxi length - your choice.  Later on there will be more fabric choices - possibly on a Market Night.  All enquires welcome

Madeit Store is stocked with Adele Dresses, Disco Dresses  and CUSTOM order spots  - link below.

Septemember   I  have planned a joint SPRINGTIME MARKET with some lovely ladies Kristina , Kassandra, Johanna and Karynne.  We are looking forward to this one and are in the busy stages of planning and creating - see the details and links below.

This week I received some gorgeous fresh "Springtime " fabrics to get into for the Market .

I do have more to say -  but  this is probably way tooo much info today,  so will keep for another time.

People I have mentioned today  -

Have a great weekend and Best wishes always,


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