Friday, November 8, 2013

End of the week for some...

Lots of orders here atm  so while some Friday's are the end of the work week,  it is continuing here throughout the weekend.    I think I have mentioned before how I do love to receive the 'action pics'  it really makes my day to see my outfits out and about,  today Veronica shared her gorgeous 'astronaut girl' pics.  This is the fourth time Veronica has asked me to create for their  photo shoot - I feel so privileged and really adore this little girl with her beautiful face and hair.   Captured so well by  penelope - j photography  thanks to you both for including me.

Dress created and adapted  by me  from a Disco Dress   Ainslee Fox Patterns 

Meanwhile Go Gidget Shorts are still on the go!!!  with these couple ready to move on.

And a special friend from way back has found me and buying up for her grandies,  thanks Delmay.

So it has been a very busy week -    and there is one more....... but it's for a local outing in a weeks time so maybe we will keep that a secret.  I often get asked how many items I make in a week......... I don't count I enjoy sewing so much it is all a pleasure .

Best wishes to you all


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