Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Well not so scared today,  I managed to get it started and I know there are things to be tidied up, like the photos are not exactly the way I want them to appear I want the dresses bigger and in like a slide show,  you can see them as a slideshow some how (if you know how) when it opens...so that needs attention and the fabrics, why does it go right across the page?  Will be out today so won't be able to figure these out .

Another order last night Daisy Dance  for Louise, thank you,  and hoping todays mail brings more Bungalow Stripe - 3 orders waiting on that and then its all gone again.  Don't fear more on its way.

I have listed links from places I purchase fabrics,  hope this helps people to have a look at the variety available, it does take around 10 days to get here. Each of my orders has to be at least 7 yards some places 9 yards to make it viable with postage.  That is fine I am always in need of more fabrics.

And need to change the date it appears a day behind,  I know this is from overseas.  They need to catchup...........lol

Have a great day.

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