Saturday, June 25, 2011


Hello to my lovely customers, followers and FB likers.
Tonight I was running a 1000 likers competition on Facebook and my page was frozen for a time,  seems my ‘giveaway’ was against their rules.   So I had to abandon the comp,  I am so disappointed and really was excited to be giving away a FREE Bow Dress .   So been thinking what the heck send out to my customers and run it from my email.  So here it goes hope you don’t mind the intrusion,  but all you need do is   -
 when I get 50 back I will do a and get a winner. 

You are welcome to invite your friends, more the merrier and the sooner we will get 50 comments.

   While you are here join my mailing list and you will be included in future mailouts and promotions.  

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