Sunday, June 3, 2012

Stingbees ....IS HERE

Thats right I have got the page all ready and introducing it slowly,  here on my BLOG you are first to know!!!
STINGBEES    I will put up a Madeit Store in a few days time,  should be more fabrics this week and working on some little overalls as well.

I would love to get your feedback,  let me know exactly what you think,  if there is something missing or what you would like to see at STINGBEES.

 I could hardly sell boys clothing under "Butterflybees"   this page is totally for the boys.

What do you think of the name?    Maybe I have a little 'bee'  fetish..........I do remember playing with bee hives/boxes when I was little ,  well you can imagine how that ended, running crying up the hill to Mum after they bit me,  how dare they I was only playing 'cake shops'.    lol.

Anyway here is a sneak,  but to see more please drop by.


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