Friday, June 14, 2013

Fully immersed!!!

CIRCA   I seem to be fully immersed in CIRCA here at the moment,  and I am certainly loving it.  With the Showcase coming up soooo quick now  8th July,  and my cupboards spilling out with CIRCA, my head full of CIRCA ideas - yes well it is here -  a
fter a long wait.

This gorgeous {CUSTOM} is only the beginning for lovely Kate - as we have two more to go.

Thank you Kate.

Best wishes

Denise  xx


  1. Just gorgeous Denise! Thanks for linking up at our Sharing is Caring blog party. Will be back tonight to read more.

  2. It's so pretty!

    I love pretty dresses.

    1. Welcome Alissa to my Blog , love to have you check again. Best wishes Denise