Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas is over

I am so pleased Christmas is over......lovely to see you all but I love to get back to normal.  Which for me is sewing.   A small break over Christmas from the sewing is enough for me,  we are on countdown with under 14 days until we can expect our first grandchild, which means I am rushing in some small zero size sewing, we don't know the sex which means I need to cater for both.   (double sewing I am up for).  With this I am planning to hold a ZERO Market later in the month - depending on a few variables will announce a date for that at a later stage.   For now I have some 'action' pics to share of Miss L in her Ruffle Playsuit - Tanya Whelan fabric Barefoot Roses - beautiful indeed.  {love the action pics}

Best wishes  - Denise

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