Monday, December 22, 2014

Looks like we lost November

Yes well how did that happen - looks like we lost November and if I am not careful December could go the same way   it's  rolling by at a pace as well.

It has been another fantastic year here at Butterflybees , lots has gone out to the lovely customers, all seem to flow along with no major bumps!!!    orders in orders out, lovely.   :)

I often try to thank my customers along the way, as you truly are fantastic repeat customers that share your pics, share my work and recommend me to your friends.  Big thanks to you all.     I love sewing and creating for you all,  and hope to continue along playing with gorgeous fabrics and patterns.  

Lots of credit also to many of the handmaidens on facebook that we interact with,  some of the fabric designers one of the most supportive being Jennifer Paganelli  from Sis Boom you are always there to post and support my creations and give me such inspiration.  Thank you.     I absolutely love your fabrics and  designs, looking forward to another year of working with them.

Several photographers have come into my pathway as well and have been happy to share their pics for which I appreciate  Alana Taylor Photography  ;   Fern Pearce Photography  thank you.

Some of my customers also send in some pretty amazing pics as well. I think Shirralee has the best outdoors setting in Australia,  Cheryl's girl has the cutest blond curls and I have lost count as to how many pics we have of her.   Vicky's teen girl has the biggest smile and lots of dresses.  Great tree climbers go to Nanette's grand daughter.   Erin and Tegan have cute dogs that photobomb!!   Delmay and Lynette have pretty awesome grandies as well.   There are loads more but just on a quick roll through these are some I remember.

Merry Christmas to you all - best wishes always



Here are a few pics from the last two months :

Cutie Blonde in the Gracie Knot Dress  - Sis Boom fabrics 

Darling Playsuit in Sis Boom fabrics.
Christmas Dress - Bow Peep 

Casey in her Graduation Dress -  Marissa pattern by Sis Boom

 Try to do lots of sewing for my gorgeous grandson Harrison


                                                                       Peek - a Boo Bonnet

                                                                        Ruffle Sunsuit

                                                            Sweet Harper

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