Sunday, January 18, 2015

Its Hot!!!

Lets get this New Year started.......

this is most likely a record ...posting twice in the one month.   I hope you are not all experiencing the heat we have this last week.  Just way too hot for anything.   My sewing room is the coolest place in my house , I reckon,  nice big window  fan blowing above and another fan in my face   :)  the best place to be when it's too hot to be moving around.

Monday night is the first Showcase I am participating in this year   -  lovely JP fabrics.  "Good Company'  - here is my pic with a link to the Showcase.  Hope you can take a look.

Even though it has been holidays and I have had some time away here and there  I still manage to get into some sewing, great relaxation.  Family, friends and customers - they all need something made.

Love seeing the action pics, so please keep sending them in.

Lots of my CUSTOM ORDERS are now listed on ETSY  - take some time to look and contact me if you have any questions.

 Madeit Store has been loaded up with loads of colour of Sis Boom.  OPEN always.

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That me for the 18th January!!

Enjoy if you are still holidaying and take it easy if you have returned to work.

Best wishes

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