Thursday, October 15, 2015

August to September

When did this become a two monthly blog!!!!   OOps.

Great place to share and update.  I am getting into Lycra/Spandex - it's been a bit exciting to see how they pan out.  Boo Pins, Ladylegs, Skater dresses and Rashies.   Purchasing the Spandex from a Queenslander is working out so well, seem to have a monthly release of NEW prints which are so damn cute and to date ladies have been snapping up Custom Order Spots.

And then I have a few Knit Dresses on the go as well.   Not lots yet,  but I think once you all see these out and about they will get moving, soft knits easy wear , no ironing!!!  Thats gotta be a bonus.

Even a couple of boys knits for Tees.

Some ladies are already planning for Christmas and we have the Red Haven out and about already.

And in between the new stuff ,  Custom Spots still fill in and go out, and I am always so appreciative of your support.   You keep me hopping.  (sewing)

And later this month Sis Boom will be releasing her NEW line Nostalgia and most of you know how I love her designs.  Check the link here  to view the gorgeous fabrics.   Nostalgia

Ok  , so that is lots and lots and I am sure I have missed a few great outfits and pics,  but the machine is calling.    Please check Butterflybees on facebook and instagram ,  you will  get the drift of what I can do.


Best wishes

Denise   xx

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