Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pillowcase for Oncology Kids


Set up by 15yr old Brittany, we create and donate pillowcases to oncology kids in hospitals around Australia.
Brittany was 6mths old when she was diagnosed with a rare GERM CELL tumour; she had treatment for 3years, and was given a 0.01% survival rate. She is now a gorgeous 15year old who still has a long way to go, but has decided to help put a smile on someone else’s face by creating “PILLOWCASES FOR ONCOLOGY KIDS”.
She knows how hard it is, and that sometimes you have a long road to travel. She also hopes that one day no one will have to go through what she has to.
What started out as a small pillowcase drive to collect/create handmade pillowcases that she could donate to Oncology Kids in Hospital, (she was able to donate approx. 120 pillowcases to Westmead just after her 15th birthday in September 2011) has now escalated to something she wishes to continue 365 days a year and donate pillowcases not only to Westmead Childrens Hospital, where she received and continues to receive her treatment, but to hospitals all around Australia.
So if you are able to sew or would like to donate some fabric, then why not get your creative side happening and create a pillowcase for boys and girls, young and old who are in hospital receiving treatment.
Brittany used to have a particular pillow/pillowcase that she took to hospital all the time she was receiving treatment, hers was “Navy blue with tiny red cherries on it”.
Happy sewing and we look forward to seeing some unique pillowcases.
Your local “PILLOWCASES FOR ONCOLOGY KIDS” representative is;
Neil Andison (Britts’ grandfather) – Phone:   07 5429 6474    
 Address:   PO Box 250, MALENY...QLD... 4552      Email:

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