Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday mmmm

Sunday only means one thing tomorrow is M O N DAY again!!!

Nearly two weeks ago I posted about the beautiful weather ...............well this has changed today and I am miffed, for many reasons , I don't like the cold and when you see some of my pics from the last few days you will see that I really do need great lighting for my photos.  The last ones a fortnight ago were pretty good!   Well for me they were   hahaha.

So to bring you up on what has gone by here   ........... lots of custom orders have gone out,  and some time to just free - sew .............and lucky for me the things I made were mostly snapped up by by beautiful following.  Your girls are amazing and I love that you support me and share me with friends.   xxx

Oh my.................  there were a few pics to share.  That last one is soooooo special  love love.

Thank you all.

Best wishes


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