Wednesday, March 30, 2016

2016 Begins

Oh yes 2016 has well and truly began!    End of March so I guess we can say this monthly blog post has become quarterly.  I did say in the beginning I was not going to annoy you all with regular post   ;)  but I didn't really want to forget to post .   Not to worry, I will bring you up to date in no time.  Working back and with the most exciting news,  we have become grandparents again , with the birth of beautiful Evelyn Mae on 19th  March sister to cheeky Harrison.

Following a quiet few days away at the beach, I am back to 3 lovely orders for the UK  -(oh yes I can ship international)    they are big and will take me a while to work through, I am ever grateful for my return customers and the extras they bring along the way.  Thanks ladies.

In February we had an engagement in the family  - Congratulations to Lachlan and Rebecca, party this weekend.   Best wishes to you both in your future happiness.   xxx

And in between I sew!!

For further pics please see my Facebook page, as this could possibly go on and on.  

I continue to add my listings to the Etsy Store - trying to update with new items as we go along.  I understand Etsy will update our Shops on April 5   so that is something to look forward to.  

Instagram are doing something with posts,  not that I quite get what it will mean,  but maybe something along the lines of if you want to see what is happening with Butterflybees or whoever you need to 'interact'  like and / or comment /  on the pics.   Some say 'turn on the post notifications'  it all comes down to what suits you really.  How you want Instagram to work for you.  

Meanwhile lets enjoy this time of the year with beautiful days and nights, fresh cut green grass a little bit of school holidays to ramble around and take it easy.

Best wishes


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