Sunday, April 24, 2016

Crushing on Shirts - Marco and Ethan

#campdraftingshirts  it is at the moment,  as  my lovely customers gear up for this years Circuit.  So a bright idea came to me,  do a feature on the blog just for the Shirts!!.  And do not think that these are only for Campdrafting!!!    The Marco and Ethan are a shirt for any occasion, all ages - girls and boys all comes down to fabric choice.

I love making these,  so many different ways they can go,  by using the colours, contrasts, frills, no frills, search for specific fabrics,  use a Sis Boom fabric or any other -  I always try to get what you want.

Then it is a real joy, sense of accomplishment when the finished item is complete,  photographed shown to the customer and 'spammed' to my loyal followers on facebook and instagram.    Beautiful comments are conveyed giving me the fuzzy pride feeling.      Smiles abound with joy when a customer receives a shirt - loves the shirt - themself receive comments when they wear the shirt -  send me their 'action pics' is the cherry on top feeling.   :)     Thanks lovely girls.

And now to share a few here all in the one place.    Please please if you like what you see.   SHARE and COMMENT.    Make my day.   xxx   Denise

Following fabrics are the NEW Jennifer Paganelli  Color Brigade coming this month.  
Orders are open now.  

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