Thursday, May 24, 2012

Meet Me In Paris

Tonight it starts at Muddy Ruffles - a little bit of Paris.  There are so many gorgeous things here, please pop over and take a look.

It has been so hectic in my household with "hen's party",  "daughter's wedding" , "son's 27th birthday"  I have so much catching up to do AND I want to get my boys range "Stingboys"  out there.   aarrrrrgh.

Please please let me know what boys items you are interested in  email   I hope to have some for the opening real soon,  lots of other orders on the table atm.   Have ordered lots of boy fabrics...................ohhhhh I hope it is what you want.!!!

Please send link to your friends to join my blog,  with FB changes happening I would hate to lose contact.  You will always be able to get info here on the blog or email, no matter what facebook does.   Also subscribe to my newsletter - hoping to get that out tooooo when the boys range is ready.

Best wishes to you all,  your support is soooo appreciated.


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